Hi everyone.

Well…I have been encouraged for years to write a blog and have finally decided to do so.  There is SO much misinformation floating around in the fitness and exercise industry AND regarding EFFECTIVE Physical Therapy that I really want to share.

When my clients improve after getting injured doing exercise (exercise is supposed to be good isn’t it???) incorrectly  – even with a Personal Trainer that either doesn’t have sufficient training or doesn’t pay attention to how the client is performing an exercise, I know I have done something right.

When my clients improve after MANY doctor visits that didn’t help or after many Physical Therapy visits that didn’t help, then I know I have done something right.

Now PLEASE don’t get the wrong impression from those above statements.  I don’t think I am the end all / be all, or that I know more than anyone else….I know I do not!!!!  But I have learned that EVERYONE’S body is unique and a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work.

In the near future I will be adding specific topics related to Physical Therapy, exercise, health and wellness in an effort to help even one person out there feel better and get healthier!  Stay tuned!

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